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2018 Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Family feasts, gift giving, fancy decorations and family vacations are all holiday traditions this time of year – and so, unfortunately are fires. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, emergency rooms across the US treat more than 15,000 injuries a year that are caused by holiday decorations. Take these steps to protect your family and home from holiday fires this season.

  • Check your fire alarms and prevention equipment: Once a year, check the batteries in your smoke detector. Also make sure that your home has several fire extinguishers and that each member of your family knows how to operate them.
  • Never leave a space heater unattended: Space heaters are a major source of home fires during the fall and winter months. Be sure to keep your heater at least three feet away from anything that can burn, including papers, clothing and rugs. Also, never leave space heaters unattended. If you are leaving your home or are going to sleep, be sure to turn off your space heater. Many space heaters have mechanisms installed that prevent them from overheating but you can never be too careful.
  • Inspect holiday lighting: Electrical fires are another major source of holiday fires. Check to be sure that light strands and power cords are not frayed or pinched. Also, as with space heaters, never leave holiday lighting on for an extended period of time or when you are not home.
  • Secure your Christmas tree: Place your Christmas tree away from heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators, candles, etc. Also, if you are using a natural tree be sure to keep the base of your tree filled with water to keep it from drying out. Dry, brittle Christmas trees are like tinder boxes ready to go off at any time.
  • Train your family on fire safety: Develop a fire safety plan and be sure that each member of your family knows what to do if the unthinkable should happen. Be sure they know where to go when fire occurs, how to operate extinguishers and which behaviors increase the risks of home lights

If your home or office should become subject to a fire this holiday season, our company is ready to help you with fire damage and flood repair. Water damage often occurs following a fire and this could increase mold dangers around your home. Our staff is fully trained to handle water damage restoration in the wake of fires. Have happy and safe holiday season.

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