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5 Hidden Places Mold Grows

One of the many reasons it makes more sense to hire professionals to find and remove mold from your home as opposed to doing it yourself is that mold tends to hide in unexpected places. When we conduct a mold inspection for the purpose of mold remediation, we use special equipment that can detect the presence of mold spores in the air. Additionally, we are familiar with all the places mold can hide from easy detection. Here are just a few of the hidden places mold can elude detection by non-professionals.

  • Air conditioning equipment interiors and in HVAC duct work: Because moisture is present inside air conditioners and other HVAC duct work, mold is likely to form at some point. This is especially true when owners neglect to have their units cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. These locations are particularly problematic because air then introduces mold particles into the air where it is inhaled.
  • Window sills: Window sills go past most people’s radar but mold can easily form here. This is because the dirt that can deposit itself here feeds mold. That plus moisture can create an ideal breeding grown for mold.
  • Wallpaper: We said mold detection can be elusive. Mold can and often does hide behind wallpaper and unless you happen to be removing it you may never know that it’s there. If you do suspect that mold may be hiding behind the wallpaper in your home, then you should contact a professional right away. Removing it can release the mold into the air.mold
  • Up in the attic: How many of us spend a great deal of time in the attic? Not many. In fact, many of us have probably forgotten what is even in our attic. Well, one thing that could be up there is mold. Poor insulation, roof leaks, etc., can create an ideal place for mold to spread.
  • On (or in) toys: Toys can get very dirty as children often put them in their mouths where they can accumulate bacteria, moisture, etc. This makes hard latex toys in particular ripe for mold growth. Be sure to machine wash your children’s toys on a regular basis.

There are many other places that mold can hide from easy detection. We know them all. We are never surprised to discover where mold can be hiding. We will use our experience and technology to inspect your home for mold and remove it once and for all.

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