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6 Tips for Returning Home after a Wildfire

As of this post, there are at least two major wildfires still raging in California after a year that has seen these blazes cause casualties and upend many families. Once it has been deemed safe to return after a wildfire, it will be a good idea to assess the damage it has caused to your property and to begin the cleanup process. Thus, if your home has been damaged by a wildfire fire, these six tips can help you get your life back on track.

  • Use caution as you return: Even though officials may have declared it to be safe to return home in aftermath of a wildfire, there may still be some dangers that are lurking around. For example, there may be pockets of heat, live embers, smoldering debris and broken glass in and around your home. Therefore, keep an eye out for these items as they may not only cause injury, they may even further threaten what is left of your home.
  • Check your home for damage: Once you have determined that it is safe to approach your home, you will want to begin making an assessment of the damage caused by the fire. We recommend that you wear leather gloves and thick-soled shoes as you are assessing the damage. Also, open your windows to let out any remaining smoke/fumes.
  • Create a list of damaged items: You will need this for the insurance company and so that you know how many resources you still have and can use.
  • Contact your insurance agent: The sooner you contact your insurance carrier the soon repairs can begin. Some insurance carriers can also provide help with daily expense known as “loss of use” funds for people who have undergone such a tragedy.
  • Contact the police: Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of people whose homes have been destroyed by fire. These people will often sift through the debris for items they can use or resale. Contact the police so that will be able to head off such opportunists.
  • Contact a fire damage restoration company: Smoke, water and fire will likely damage a great many items in your home. Mold is also often a problem that quickly develops in the aftermath of a fire. Therefore, you will need to contact an expert smoke repair and fire damage repair Our technicians have experience helping homeowners get their lives back in order. We can inspect and repair damage to your home from water and fire such as mold and smoke odors and stains.opening door

Yes, returning home after a wildfire can be overwhelming. However, by taking precautions as you prepare to move back in, you can help ensure that you and your family stay safe and that you will be able to start on road to recovery.

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