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What You can Do about Air Conditioner Mold

Many homes rely on air systems to maintain a comfortable room temperature. And while that is important this time of year, it also means that mold could can or has ready begun to form inside your air conditioner. In this post, we will highlight how to prevent mold from growing in your air conditioner.

  • Keep it clean: Dirty air ducts can disrupt the flow of air you breathe and create poor indoor air quality. Keep your air conditioner clear of the dirt and micro particles that could lead to mold formation. If you have a window unit, be sure that you change the filter on a regular basis. This will limit the amount of organic matter that forms there. Finally, if your ducts are very dirty, you may wish to hire a professional to clean your entire unit.
  • Keep the moisture under control: Nowadays, many air conditioners have humidity control built into them. These kinds of air conditioners control mold by regulating the level of moisture in the air.
  • Use the ‘Auto’ Function: Another feature that modern air conditioners possess is auto-function. Set your air conditioner to continue to allow air to circulate even when the cooling function is not being used. A constant flow of air will help prevent moisture and mold build-up.air conditioner
  • Regular maintenance: Have your air conditioner maintained on a regular basis so that it helps cool you when needed and so that problems that could lead to mold formation can be headed off. Many times you will be able to find that heating and cooling companies offer seasonal bargains for this service.
  • Have deep maintenance when needed: Make sure that you have professionals perform a deep maintenance of your air conditioner that goes beyond merely cleaning the unit. Be sure that they inspect the motor, the oil used etc.

Yes, air conditioners can paradoxically help reduce mold in your home by regulating the humidity levels therein and can also be a breeding ground for mold. It all depends on how they are maintained this and at all times of the year. On this site you will find other useful information about mold and how we can remove it wherever it is in your home. We also do water damage restoration and water extraction carpet cleaning which helps prevent mold formation.

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