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Different Mold Colors: What they are and Would they Could Mean

Mold is more complicated than most people might imagine. Yet, the fact that it can trigger rashes, headaches, allergies and asthma attacks and that it is unsightly is all that concerns most people. On the other hand, we at Conejo Restoration are familiar with the different types of molds you may stumble across. Here is our helpful guide that will tell you how to identify each kind of mold that may be in your home based on its color.

  • Green mold: This is the color that most people associate with mold. However, green mold is more complicated than most people would imagine. For example, did you know that there are thousands of species of green mold? Well, there are. Additionally, it is impossible to know exactly what kind of mold you are facing without an expert’s guidance. This kind of mold – just as with all other kinds of mold – should be disposed of immediately.
  • Olive green to brown/gray: Mold in these colors often has a velvety appearance. Further, there are approximately 40 species of this kind of mold – Alternaria – that can be found outdoors on many kinds of vegetation as well in your carpets, basement and attic.
  • Blue, white mold: These kinds of mold belong to the Penicillium genus. Yes, you’ve guessed it. This kind of mold was first used many years ago to produce penicillin. It is commonly found on walls. It too can create allergenic reactions in those who are sensitive it its presence.
  • Black mold: There are 180 species of black mold which commonly grows in damp areas of houses and sometimes in nature. Exposure to it can cause aspergillosis, a group of diseases often characterized by breathing issues.
  • Pink mold: Pink mold is often found in bathrooms around sinks and tubs and is actually a form of bacteria. The danger with it is that it can enter the urethra through catheters or the lungs through respirators for patients who are confined in hospitals. It has even been known to infect the corneas of some contact lens wearers via their contact lens cases.mold

Whatever kind of mold is in your home it has no place there. Our mold remediation team can inspect and remove any kind of mold that is growing in your home. We have the right equipment and experience to conduct mold inspection that will be thorough and complete whether it was formed in the aftermath of a flood or other cause.

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