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Flood Damage Restoration

Floods can be devastating.  Not only are you dealing with the physiological manifestations, and possible displacement from your home, you have the destruction to cope with.  Often we are let alone, isolated for extended periods after a flood, because the roads are inaccessible, and demand for help is high.  Time does not stand still, and we still have to deal with the damages to floors, carpet, furnishings drywall, furniture and our belonging s until help arrives.  Here are some tips to begin (or complete) your DIY clean up.

Focus on removing water and drying your home.  This is so important- suspending mold growth is going to be one of you r greatest challenges.

  • Shut off all utilities, and determine if there are dangerous chemicals or sewage present in the water
  • Remove standing water- this could mean just letting it drain, or opening doors and windows. You may have to employ the use of pumps.  If you can close off the source of water, do so (cover holes in roof, or block the break in a wall.
  • Remove all soft wet items- drapes, upholstered furniture, carpets, throws, clothes , books, pictures, etc. The must ALL be removed and dried.  You may need to pull up carpets and padding as well!  Get it out!  It will just stink and grow mold.
  • Get rid of any foodstuffs (animal or human) that are not is AIRTIGHT, WATERPROOF containers.
  • Create an air flow- doors, windows, box fans, dehumidifiers…they are all good. DO NOT USE you overhead fans or any outlets/switches in the affected room(S).
  • Clean up and dry off- Clear any clutter from the floors and right any fallen objects. Use mops and towels to hand dry the walls, floors, and items in the room.  Use a strong disinfectant with the power to kill mold like bleach.

Do not play it safe!  When in doubt throw it out!

  • Mold grows in warm moist places. It travels through the means of airborne spores and feeds on anything organic.  Once it has taken hold in your home it is almost impossible to eradicate.
  • Mold cannot only ruin all of your precious possessions; it can cause serious health issues for you and all of your family members. Allergies, respiratory problems, and even fatal infections have been caused by mold infestations.
  • Even drying out your home and belongings may not be enough to catch mold before it starts. If you have items that show signs of growth even after cleaned, get rid of them!
  • If your drywall or wallpaper shows signs of mold growth on the surface, it is probably a good idea to remove a section of wall to check for mold growth on the supports of your home. It is often necessary to tear out walls and clean the “bones” (support studs) of you home because of a deep infestation.

If all this seems to overwhelming, do not despair!  Do what you can until help can arrive, then call a professional restoration service.  These caring and trustworthy men and women have trained and dedicated themselves to learning ways to keep you and your family safe during these types of disasters.

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Conejo Restoration BBB Business Review
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