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The importance of prompt restoration after a fire

If you are a victim of a fire, damage restoration is probably one of the last things on your mind, but it is paramount to your home’s recovery.  The longer you delay the cleaning, deodorizing, and restoration of your home and belongings, the more chance there is that the damage from smoke, water, and fire will intensify.  Cleaning up after a fire is a tough job.  Smoke, ash, and soot are hard to clean, and the smells require deep deodorizing.

The wisest course of action is to contact an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) restoration company to aid you.  Approved fire restoration must be put into effect as soon as possible after your fire.  Prolonged exposure to the ravages of fire can take its toll on more than soft materials like cloth.  Even metallic objects can become pitted and corroded after only a few days exposure to fire and ash.  If you are unclear as to how to find a reputable service, your insurance agent should be able to refer a certified and experienced company in your area.

Because of their specialized training unique certification, and access to the right equipment and supplies, professional companies can often restore a home to near perfect pre-fire beauty.  The restoration process is a rigorous one and focuses on the cleaning, sanitizing, and repair of the structure as well as any materials in the structure that have been damaged by fire, smoke, or water.  Your home needs to be aired out for as long possible before undergoing a deep cleaning.  This will diminish the effects of smoke and help deter the growth of mold and mildew.  Your technicians might employ the use of dehumidifiers, fans, and shop-vacs for this stage of the remediation.  They will start at the sub floors and work up.  Sub-floors are inspected for damage and either cleaned or replaced.

Rugs and Carpets (if possible) are cleaned and deodorized using a chemical process to remove stains and odors (most often carpets and padding are discarded).  All drywall and paneling is checked for moisture retention, and the possibility of mold/mildew growth.  This will determine if it can be cleaned or must be torn out and replaced.  Upholstery and curtains also undergo a rigorous cleaning cycle involving deep cleaning, sanitizing, and an odor removal process.  Your Furniture is most often taken to a shop to be restored to its pre-fire condition.  Throughout the process, the emphasis will be on deodorizing and sanitizing.

The mutual goal of the restoration team, and the homeowner, is a home that is beautifully restored and safe to live in once again.  While it is possible for you to undertake this daunting task on your own, it is not advisable.  Not only are you still undergoing the stress of having been through a fire, you may not realize the extent of damage to your home, or improperly clean.  Either of these things could be a health or safety risk for your family.

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