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Mold Poisoning in Cats and Dogs: Symptoms and Treatments

When mold rears its ugly head in our homes it threatens every member of the household. This includes our non-human, four-legged pets – namely our cats and dogs. However, unlike the human members of our families, our pets cannot always express to us exactly what ails them in a way that we can understand. Thus, it is important to recognize the signs of exposure in our pets and to know that treatment does exist for our furry friends in the event they become exposed to mold.


As discomforting as it may be, it can be far easier for our pets to become exposed to mold than it is for us to be. After all, they can move around in tight, remote corner of the home, do not recognize mold as a danger and can come into contact with it as they explore their world. In other words, they can easily lick, brush up against and inhale all kinds of mold without the capacity to understand the dangers that such actions cause. Therefore, as caring owners we should recognize these signs of mold exposure in our pets.

  • Respiratory distress: This includes difficult or rapid breathing, nasal discharge, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, lethargy and in severe cases, bleeding from the nose and/or mouth
  • Gastrointestinal distress: This includes vomiting, sudden stool changes, etc.
  • Physical irritation: Depending on the kind of mold your pet is exposed to, the signs of physical distress can include scratching, chewing, licking or biting at itchy areas of the body. If the distress is great enough, it may even lead to sores and fur loss.cats and dogs

Treatment for Mold Exposure

Of course, if you have discovered that your pet has been exposed to toxic mold rest assured that there are treatments that can be effective. Your vet will give you greater detail on this but natural detoxifying agents such as glutathione, NAC, artichoke extract can help in some cases. However, don’t try these treatments until you have taken your pet to a veterinarian and he/she recommends you use these medications.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Mold

Of course, prevention is always the wisest course to take when it comes to mold exposure. Thus, we recommend cleaning your pets’ toys, bowls, etc. on a daily basis and having your home inspected for mold by professionals. Professionals can detect mold on a microscopic level. Our company also does water damage in Thousand Oaks as well as flood damage restoration in Thousand Oaks. So, be safe. Protect all the members of your family.

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