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Why Mold Sometimes Returns

Mold is an unusual organism with special characteristics. It is aggressive, prolific and can often re-appear even after a homeowner’s best efforts to destroy it. It can reappear even after mold remediation has been performed by experts. So, what is the value of hiring mold cleanup in Thousand Oaks? Well, we can find mold even when it may escape detection by homeowners and our experience and equipment can make it far less likely to reappear after we have treated the area.

Déjà vu all Over Again

So, once mold appears many homeowners wonder why it is happening to them again. The simple answer – as we said – is that mold can be very persistent. However, it is a bit more complicated than that. Here are some other reasons why mold can sometimes reappear in homes and offices.

  • It was not completely removed in the first place: The danger of using DIY methods to remove mold is that they are usually quite incomplete. Mold can hide in a number of places around the home. Some of these places are not always obvious to homeowners. Thus, someone can believe they have removed all mold from their home when they indeed did not. We have equipment that can detect the presence of mold in the air. Most DIYers do not have access to such equipment.
  • The right solution was not used: Most people think that bleach alone can permanently destroy mold. This is not true. While mold may destroy surface mold in some cases, it is not effective in killing all mold particularly when it covers porous surfaces.
  • Moisture levels were not controlled: When you pull moisture out of the air mold is in effect suffocated. Mold requires moisture, warmth and a place to grow. Try using a de-humidifier after we have successfully performed mold remediation on your home.
  • Mold was spread during the cleanup process: The other danger that is created when non-professionals attempt mold removal is that they sometimes release microscopic particles into the air as they are attempting to remove mold. These particles can land elsewhere in the home and the problem can begin all over again. Moreover, airborne mold particles can enter the body through the nose, eyes or ears during this attempted cleanup.
  • Proper ventilation was not used: One way to decrease the chance that mold will reappear is to maintain proper ventilation all throughout your home. When you do, moisture levels and reduced meaning that mold will not have an environment in which to mold

At Conejo Restoration, we handle mold remediation right the first time! Moreover, our experience and the special equipment we use decreases the change that mold will make an unwanted re-appearance in your life. We also handle water damage repair and fire damage repair.

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