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Northern California Faces New Wildfires and Forced Blackouts

The nature of news is that just as one event take holds in the public consciousness something else replaces it. Thus, many people outside our state may have forgotten about the wildfires that are a constant threat to most us here. Well, back to remind us of the fragility of life and how we in The Golden State can never forget about this danger are new wildfires that are currently raging in Los Angeles, Sonoma and San Bernardino counties. As of this post, these wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres of land and threaten residents in both Southern and Northern California with massive blackouts.

The Latest Developments

October 25: More than 3,000 firefighters are engaged in fighting the Kincade fire alone.

Oct 26: PG&E has begun shutting off power to nearly 3 million people in Northern California. The company has called this a “public safety power shutoff” and says that it is necessary to avoid the possible spread of the wildfire.

Oct 27: The Governor of California – Gavin Newsom – has declared a state of emergency due to high winds that are helping to spread the fires. “We are deploying every resource available, and are coordinating with numerous agencies as we continue to respond to these fires,” Mr. Newsom said.

Oct 25-27: Nearly a quarter million people have been ordered to evacuate from the path of the Kincade fire near San Francisco.

Oct 27: The Saddle Ridge Fire, Tick Fire, Old Water Fire, Oak Fire and Palisades Fire are still burning in Southern California.

Oct 25 -27: A fire weather watch has been issued for more than 7 million from Redding down to Sacramento.

Here is a partial list of active fires in California from October-25, 2019.

  • Bautista Fire
  • Briceburg Fire
  • Cabrillo Fire
  • Caples Fire
  • Eagle Rock Fire near the Yosemite Recreation Center
  • Kincade Fire (This fire – which started near Geyserville – has been burning since Oct 23 and is being spread by a “wind event.”
  • Nelson Firefires
  • Palisades Fire

Experts believe that the start of this fire is human caused as is the case with 84% of all wildfires. One of these causes is Californians who have built their homes in fire-prone areas of the state. This increases the chances that a spark will be ignited by some human activity that can ultimately set off a fire. Moreover, reports are that the Kincade Fire started in the Geysers, The largest geo-thermal electrical facility in the world.

At Conejo Restoration we all familiar with the damage that fire can cause. We know about the ancillary damage that can follow in its wake can necessitate mold, expert smoke repair and fire damage repair. We know about the disruption in lives these events cause. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the men and women whose lives will be forever changed by these catastrophic developments.

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