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How to Protect your Pet from a House Fire

One of the most gut wrenching details to come out about the wildfires in our state is how it displaces both wild and domestic animals. Our furry friends are clueless of course about a situation that threatens their lives and turns their world upside down without a moment’s notice. More often than not we are responsible for these circumstances. Well, we know that as a loving pet parent you strive to keep your four-legged friend safe in all situations. Here, then are 5 steps to help keep your pets safe during and in the aftermath of a house fire.

  • Follow common sense safety rules: The first step to ensuring the safety of your pets from fire is to make sure that they themselves are not behind the cause of fire. Make sure that your pets are never left unattended around open fire or flame. They can easily knock over items such as lamps and candles and cause your house to catch fire. Moreover, since they are covered with fur they can easily catch fire themselves.
  • Make sure emergency responders know you have pets: Place a pet alert window sign near the entrance of your home to let first responders know that you have one or two pets at home that might need their help. Also, if you have a crated pet at home keep it near the door so that firefighters can easily reach it in an emergency.
  • Make a pet fire safety evacuation plan: According the American Red Cross, you may have as little as 2 minutes to escape to safety during a fire. Make sure that you know what you will do to take your pet to safety with you along with the rest of your family. Plan for its reaction to be quite different than that of the human members of your family.
  • Know where your pet is likely to hide: As we said, pets are likely to act quite differently than us during a fire. They may hide in a place that may or may not actually be safe. Thus, knowing where your pet might hide when it is scared may save its life in the event of an actual fire
  • Make sure pets aren’t lost during evacuation: Microchip your pet before fire starts so that you will be able to locate it during an evacuation.

What other ways do you keep your dog safe from fires? What is included in your emergency plan to get your dog to safety quickly? Contact us and let us know. Our company handles fire damage repair and want to be sure that all humans and animals are safe in the event of a fire emergency. Fire damage house situations can also lead to water and mold damage and health problems for those who return in the aftermath of a fire.

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