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Reasons You Should Not Remove Mold by Yourself

There are a lot of sites on the Internet that offer tips on DIY mold removal and remediation. To hear the people on these sites put it, mold removal just takes a small amount of time, some bleach and a brush and presto! – no more mold. Well, these sites are doing the public a disservice. Mold removal and remediation is a job best left to the professionals. It is a tricky and dangerous job that not everyone is suited for. For this reason the state of New York, for example, requires a person be licensed in order to assess and remediate mold. In the interest of public safety, here is why mold remediation and removal should be left to the professionals.

  • The public is ill-equipped to detect and remove mold: The general public does not have access to the special equipment it takes to detect and remove mold. This equipment is so specialized that it can even detect mold in places that are not easily detected by the human eye. These special filtration and detection devices help to ensure that removal of mold is permanent and complete.
  • Risk of black mold exposure: It is easy to be exposed to black mold during the removal process if one does not know what one is doing. The last thing you should want is for your family to be exposed to even greater danger simply because you do not know how to remove mold correctly or thoroughly. Moreover, the general public lacks the tools and resources needed to ensure that they are safe during the process.
  • Missing hidden mold in the home: You can never be sure where mold may be hiding in your home especially if your household has recently recovered from a flood or fire event. Therefore, it takes special training and equipment to detect mold in hidden places around the home. In these places, mold can still pose a health risk to you and your family.
  • You could make the situation worse: If not done correctly, DIY mold removers can actually spread mold to other areas of the home making the problem much worse.mold
  • Mold removal can be a massive undertaking: Removing mold completely can be a huge time commitment. It may take more than a few minutes as many sites would have the public believe. We are experts in mold cleanup in Thousand Oaks who can efficiently remove mold and make sure that it does not return. No job is too big for us.

In short, make sure you know all the facts as you decide whether or not to do a DIY mold remediation project. You will see that it is not such a wise decision after all. It may save some money but it may cost your family its health and security in the long run.

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