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Tips for Dealing with the Emotional Aftermath of a Residential Fire

As a company that specializes in fire damage repair, we at Conejo Restoration understand that recovering from a home fire involves more than simply recovering or replacing physical items. In order to be made to feel whole again, victims of home fires need emotional solace as well. That is because victims of fire events often find their sense security, comfort and safety suddenly shaken to the core. In other words, it can be just as difficult to overcome the emotional trauma that accompanies a fire event as it can be to have one’s home rebuilt and/or repaired. Here are some tips for recovering from the emotional effects of a home fire.

  • Acknowledge your feelings: Know that in the aftermath of a fire you and your loved ones will have strong feelings related to the event. Emotions you may experience include stress, grief, anger and fear. By recognizing and acknowledging these fears you will put yourself one step closer to full fire
  • Ask for emotional support from others: Social support is vital when it comes to disaster recovery. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others who can listen to and empathize with your situation. Family, friends and disaster support services are all important resources that can lend emotional support in the aftermath of fires and all other types of disasters.
  • Take care of yourself: Often, excessive stress can cause people to neglect their own health. Remember to eat well balanced meals and get plenty of rest so that you will have the strength you will need to deal with the challenges that accompany disasters.
  • Give yourself a break: Pace yourself in the aftermath of a fire. You will not be able to recover from the effects of a fire overnight. Get help from others when it comes to lifting heavy objects, or working for extended periods of time. Most importantly, avail yourself of the services of professionals who are trained to handle house fire damage. House fires leave a great many dangers that can best be handled by professionals.
  • Provide security for children: It is important to provide security and emotional support for children. Encourage your children to express their thoughts and feelings. Remind them that you will be there to support and help them recover but that full recovery may not be immediate.

Finally, it is important to remember in the aftermath of a fire that while some physical items may be gone forever, the sense of loss one feels will not be permanent. The road to recover may be long but there are many people who can help you on this journey including our company.

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