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Toxic Mold and its Effects on Your Pets

We’ve written before on this blog about how mold can give rise to a whole host of respiratory ailments. We’ve written about how it can remain undetected for years until symptoms of these respiratory diseases manifest themselves in your family. But what about the effect mold has on our pets? Dogs and cats are just as susceptible to the effects of mold as we humans. However, the damaging effects of mold in our pets are harder to detect than they are in the human members of our families. So, how does mold effect our pets? What are the symptoms of mold damage in our pets and how do we protect them from mold?

Protecting Your Pets from Mold

Obviously, the best way to protect your pet from the effects of mold is early with detection and remediation. This is best handled by professionals as they can recommend special chemicals that can rid your home of mold and keep it at bay. They may also be able to detect mold that may remain hidden to the untrained eye but can still be dangerous to your pets. In fact, recent studies have shown that mold may even be deadly to pets. In a recently documented case at Marathon Veterinary Hospital in Florida, toxic black mold was found to be behind the death of two Himalayan cats.

Symptoms of Mold in Pets

According to experts, mold can be introduced into a cat or dog’s system in one of two ways: inhalation, ingestion. Signs of an allergic reaction to mold in pets might include excessive scratching and chewing or licking. These can often lead to fur loss or the development of sores. Gastric symptoms of mold in pets include decreased appetite, vomiting and stool changes. Respiratory symptoms include nasal discharge, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, lethargy and bleeding from the mouth and/or nose. The treatment of mold poisoning in pets includ


es managing the symptoms and possibly administering an IV in the case of dehydration.


Black mold in Thousand Oaks can be expertly managed by our team. This is the surest way to protect your family including the furry members of your hou


sehold. DIY methods are simply not reliable when it comes to managing this growing menace in our society. Our pets count on us to protect them as they do us. Protect them from water damage repair – which often leads to mold – by engaging people who have experience managing mold, fire damage, etc.

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