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Ways to Prevent Condensation and Mold Growth on Your Windowsills

Mold forms on windowsills when moisture builds up around them from either condensation or from an airflow issue within your home. Either way it can be quite persistent as it tends to form on wood which is a porous material. Thus, it is easier to prevent mold buildup on windowsills than it is to remove it once it has established a beachhead in your home. Before you panic, read these helpful hints on how to identify mold around your windowsills and prevent it from returning in the future.

How to Identify Mold around Your Windows

Most people have trouble identifying mold growing around their windows. This is because mold often looks a lot like dust when it grows on the sill, joints, etc. Moreover, mold can be nearly the same color as your window frame depending on what kind of mold it is. You can generally spot mold that is not the same color of your window frame because it will make the area around it seem discolored. Finally, mold can damage wood window frames and threaten the health of your family.

Ways to Prevent Mold Growth around Your Window

As we said before, condensation and moisture issues – such as leaking windows – are major causes of mold buildup around the windowsill. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can prevent this kind of mold.

  • Increase the airflow: Keep the humidity in your home low using a dehumidifier. Also keep your doors and windows closed while using your air conditioner. This will reduce the amount of wet, warm air from circulating inside your home. Finally, you may also wish to use an exhaust fan in your kitchen to keep the moisture caused by the cooking process from building up around your windows.
  • Regularly remove condensation to prevent mold: Condensation is also a leading contributor to mold formation around windowsills. Be sure to clean your windows and to wipe away condensation as it forms. Warning: If you have a wood frame and mold has begun to form, it will not be possible to remove it using only bleach.window
  • Add caulk to the edges of your windows to prevent leaks: Caulk will help prevent leaks, insulate your home and save you money on your heating bills.
  • Keep your windows dry: Mold requires moisture to grow. Therefore, wash and dry your windows often in order to deprive mold of the fuel it needs to develop.

Our certified mold removal services cover windows, floors, walls, ceilings and basements too. We’re the area’s trusted mold remediation specialists. We are also experts in water damage restoration and water extraction carpet cleaning which can also help prevent and destroy mold anywhere in your home.

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