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What to do When Your Pipes Burst

There are many reasons that water pipes burst aside from cold temperatures. Some of these include corrosion, too much pressure, improper installation, etc. In our region freezing is seldom the cause burst pipes but the other forces we describe can and do lead to broken pipes and in turn to flooding. As experts in flood damage restoration in Thousand Oaks, we often see mold form quickly when pipes are damaged. Let’s go over the steps to take when you encounter a pipe that has burst.

  • Shut off the water: Everyone in your household should know how to shut the water off in the event that your pipes burst. Moreover, it is also helpful to know how to turn off the electricity in your home as the leak may also come in contact with your fuse box.
  • Open your faucet: Since the psi (pounds per square inch) in your pipes can increase drastically, open your faucets in order to relieve any remaining pressure in them. This will help prevent further damage to your pipes.
  • Call a plumber: Some of us are comfortable making simple plumbing repairs. For those of us who are, the local home improvement store is packed full of tape, caulk and other plumbing repair supplies. For those of us who are not, a call to a plumber is advisable.
  • Get rid of the water: It doesn’t take long for mold to form in the presence of standing water. Also, you may be dealing with water that contains dangerous microbes and other contaminants. Therefore, we advise you to get a mop and bucket and clean up any surface water than has collected.
  • Increase the circulation: Open the doors and windows of your home if you can in order to increase the circulation and to speed up the drying process.
  • Call us: For water that has soaked through to the foundations of your home and deep into carpets, we recommend that you call us. We can clean and dry your carpets and other surfaces reducing the chance that mold will occur. Once it has begun to develop we can remove all molds that have formed.pipes bursting

Lastly, our water mold remediation team can remove water and dry your home professionally in the event of a burst or leaking pipe or anything else that can cause flooding. Moreover, our experience with black mold Thousand Oaks can help prevent your home from undergoing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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