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The leading experts in Conejo Valley in
Mold Damage, Fire & Water Damage Repairs and Clean-Up


As the Conejo Valley’s leader in water cleanup and restoration, Conejo Restoration will offer your insurance company an array of competitive advantages. Our goal is to restore both your property and your peace of mind.

Q: Is Water Damage covered by my insurance?
A: Usually, yes. Most insurance policies cover the cost of water damage mitigation. Read you policy or ask your insurance agent about coverage and deductibles.

Q: When will I hear from my insurance company?
A: Often the adjuster will wait until the dry-out process is complete in order to be able to assess damages. Other times because of our relationship with the adjuster, they may rely on our photos/videos and scope of repairs without doing an inspection of their own.

Q: How will making a claim affect my insurance?
A: It is always best to check with your insurance company about the details of how a claim will affect your policy.

Q: Do I need to call my insurance company first?
A: Not necessarily. Your insurance company would prefer that you try to minimize the damage to your home and contents. We recommend that you call an emergency restoration company immediately. If professional water damage mitigation is started immediately, damage can be minimized, thus decreasing restoration costs. You should still call you insurance company to make a claim, but you should not wait for an adjuster or claim representative to arrive before calling a professional water damage restoration company.

Q: Can I get an estimate before you begin the dry-out process?
A: It is extremely difficult to give an accurate estimate before starting the drying process. We will give a good-faith professional estimate and then update you if we find concealed damage or other factors that would increase the cost. We also work closely with your insurance company to verify coverage on the damaged areas. You are generally only responsible for your deductible cost. We use Xactimate estimating software which is the industry standard. Many times this is the same estimating program used by your insurance company. In fact, many times your insurance will use our estimate alone to pay the Claim. Before any repairs are made we will have authorization from your insurance company.

Q: Will my insurance company cancel me now that I have made a claim?
A: Not necessarily, but it is important to check with your individual insurance company adjuster to understand how a claim will affect your policy.

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Conejo Restoration BBB Business Review
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