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Mold and the Insects it Attracts

Mold appears in many places and can “eat” through a lot of surfaces. However, what many people whose homes are infested with mold may not realize is that mold makes a pretty good food sources itself – for insects. Yes, mold attracts certain kinds of insects that must themselves be controlled. This is one of the many reasons mold must be controlled before it spreads and creates health issues that threaten your family. What are some of the mold-friendly bugs that mold attracts? Here are just a few.

  • Cockroaches: These bugs, as most people know, can subsist on nearly anything including paper, clothing, etc. Because mold breaks down wood, infestations provide cockroaches with an easily digestible meal.
  • Mold Mites: Mold mites are tiny, white bugs that are the hairy cousins of dust mites. While they do not bite humans, they can affect human health when they become airborne. They can cause allergic reactions in some people. In individuals with compromised immune systems they can cause symptoms such as coughing, throat irritation, wheezing and nasal stuffinessmold
  • Termites: We are all familiar with the damage that termites can cause. They can destroy wooden structures at an alarming rate. Coupled with mold which also destroys and weakens wood, termites can be difficult to control once they have established a stronghold in a home.
  • Foreign Grain Beetles: These pests are usually found in older homes but can also infest new homes where the lumber is still wet. Reddish brown in color, foreign grain beetles are very small. As adults they range in size from 2 to 3 mm. They can of course be controlled by eliminating the damp conditions in which they thrive.
  • Booklice: Booklice are attracted to paper which can easily succumb to a mold infestation. They are wingless and often yellow or grey in color. If you treasure the books in your home, you should control booklice before they become a real problem.

In short, where mold is present insects will often thrive as well. So, rather than host an entire menagerie of destructive pest in your home, you should always seek to control the spread of mold in its early stages. Black mold in Thousand Oaks is a problem for residents who have experienced a recent fire as the water it takes to control fire can create the conditions under which mold thrives. Our company does mold cleanup in Thousand Oaks as well as other service such as fire damage repair.

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