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More Mold Myths Exposed: Setting the Record Straight

There is a lot of misinformation about mold in the popular media creating a lot of myths. Some sources report that mold is relatively benign while other sources report horror stories about toxic mold being the scourge of the suburbs. At Conejo Restoration, we would like to help you by exposing some common myths about mold as being exactly that – myths. This way you can make the best decision possible when it comes to retaining our services to help you control its growth.

  • Bleach alone kills mold: Bleach can kill mold on certain kinds of services but it cannot kill mold on porous surfaces. For example, it is particularly difficult to kill mold that has formed on wood. As experts, we know that mold does not just grow on porous, easy to clean surfaces.
  • All mold causes health problems: Mold can cause a great many health problems in a many people. However, not all molds negatively affect all people. Mold can greatly affect people who are particularly sensitive to the allergens that it produces. However, why take risks with your family where mold is present?
  • Mold is natural, you shouldn’t worry about it: Simply because mold is natural and in many places, does not mean that it should be ignored. Mold can not only adversely affect one’s health; it can also cause physical damage to one’s home.mold
  • Killing mold is enough. It does not have to be removed: There are allergens present even in dead mold. For this reason the best solution when it comes to mold is to remove it entirely from the affected areas. Professional mold remediation services like ours can remove mold anywhere it is growing throughout your home and make sure that it does not return.
  • Cleaning up mold is easy. You should do it yourself: The DIY solution to mold removal and remediation may seem like a good idea but it isn’t. Mold remediation is more complex than that. In order for mold to be properly cleaned-up, you need experts who can identify the cause and isolate the area affected by the mold. You need mold damage restoration. You need experts who are armed with HEPA air filtration units, protective gear and HEPA vacuums to do a thorough job of water extraction. These experts can help keep mold spores from spreading.

In other words, it helps to know the facts when it comes to mold. Our people are experts who can help you further separate mold fact from fiction. You can also check out the CDC and the EPA for more facts about mold.

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