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Selling a Home with Mold: What are Your Responsibilities?

Everyone who has ever sold or contemplated selling a house is faced with this dilemma – Should I disclose everything about the house. Well, the short answer to this is yes. Yes, you should disclose everything that affects the material value of the home you are selling and the safety of the residents who will be residing within it. When it comes to selling a home that contains mold, full disclosure can relieve stress and simplify the sale. Let’s look at the legal obligation you have as a home seller and some facts about mold.

What Causes Mold To Grow Out Of Control

Mold growth, as we have discussed this blog before, is fueled by moisture, a food source and warmth. It can grown anywhere in the home including dark, out of the way places you would never think to look. This is why some people who sell their home may not even know that they have a mold problem. It is also a good reason that as a home seller or buyer you should order an inspection prior to selling or buying a home. If a problem exists, you should call for mold remediation services.
Your Obligation as a Seller

As a seller, you are legally required to disclose the presence of mold before selling your home. If there is an ongoing mold contamination issue that the homeowners do not wish to deal with on their own then they can sell the home with the mold condition to someone will be willing to deal with the problem. The important facts of this scenario are that mold contamination must be disclosed to the buyer and the price of the home should reflect the fact that mold cleanup is needed. Also, disclosing this information will give you, the seller, peace of mind knowing that you did the right thing and have followed the law.for sale

If you are about to sell a home and know or suspect that you have mold, you should hire us to remove it and prevent its return. We can show you how to get rid of mold once and for all as we handle mold removal and remediation as well as fire damage remediation, Give us a chance to put your house in order, so to speak, before you sell your home. You will be protecting the health of buyers and at the same time you will be doing the right thing.

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