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Smoke and Fire Damage Repair: The Steps to a Successful Recovery

As of today, the death toll for Harvey stands at about 70 individuals. Moreover, thousands of people have been left homeless by this hurricane and billions of dollars’ worth of damage has been done to Houston and the surrounding areas. And even though all Americans share in the tragedy that has affected our fellow citizens, another disaster in the Western US has gone under reported. These are the wildfires that are ravaging parts of Montana, Oregon, California, Utah, Washington, Idaho and Colorado.  Water, fire and wind remind us that nature is a force not to be reckoned with and that must be respected. A lifetime worth of memories and possessions can be destroyed in moments by either of these forces.  At Conejo Restoration, one of the areas in which we specialize is fire damage repair.  We help customers begin the process of salvaging their belongings and restoring normalcy to their lives in the aftermath of a fire event. We do so by a careful and methodical process including:


  • We get the call: We are able to take emergency calls 24/7 and can quickly access the extent of the damage to your home and belongings. We strive to return your life back to the way it was before the fire event occurred. The sooner you call us (805-338-6653), the sooner we can help you.Fire damage repair
  • We make an assessment: An expert estimator will go through your home and evaluate the damage. This is a particularly important part of the process since fire may compromise your home’s structural integrity. It is also important in that the assessment affects repair costs and your insurance.
  • Grade and Separate: Part of an expert assessment is to determine what can be saved and what must be thrown away. Some fire damaged items can be saved using special cleaning processes and chemicals.
  • Restoration begins: This encompasses cleaning and/or removing carpets, furniture, wall paneling, etc. Again, these processes take an expert’s touch. We also specialize in water restoration damage as that is often a part of fire damage.
  • Address smoke and soot damage: We use special solutions and techniques to mitigate smoke and soot damage. We thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected areas and keep in mind that though these things may often be invisible, smoke odors and soot can lower the value of your home.
  • Support the insurance process: We know that your insurance agent will play a critical part in returning your life to normal and will work with them to do this.


As you can see, the process of fire and expert smoke repair is a multifaceted process. Each step of the way our experts console you with our compassion, sensitivity and experience.

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