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What You Need to Know About Red Mold

Last time on this blog we talked a bit about how mold can come in a variety of colors. We also discussed the meanings and types of mold that appear in the home and in the wild. This time we would like to take some time to talk about a type of mold that usually flies under the radar – red mold.

What is Red Mold?

Red mold is a type of yeast that often appears as small spots are flecks. For this reason, many people mistake it for simple stains. Moreover, red mold can generally be found on building materials such as particle board or drywall and can quickly spread just as any other kind of mold can depending on the surrounding environment. Finally, once red mold has begun to spread its presence can usually be detected by its musty smell.

Is Red Mold Dangerous?

Red mold is not black mold for sure but that does not mean that it does not pose certain health risks. Symptoms of red mold exposure can cause certain symptoms to appear in the following kinds of individuals:

  • Babies, toddlers, and children.
  • People with respiratory problems, such as asthma, pneumonia, or bronchitis.
  • People with allergy, or tend to develop allergic reactions easily.
  • People with compromised immune system, such as those with AIDS, Lupus, and cancer.
  • The elderly.

The symptoms of red mold exposure include dizziness, headache, sneezing, coughing, blocked nose, eye irritation, and mold

How to Prevent Red Mold

The formation and spread of red mold can be prevented in much the same as the spread of others kinds of mold can be controlled – by controlling moisture levels in your home or business. In particular, you should use a dehumidifier to lower humidity levels and increase the circulation in your home or office if you think that mold may have begun to form in either of these places.

How to Remove Mold

Finally, you can attempt to remove red mold using a DIY like bleach but this is not a good idea. First, you will likely expose yourself to mold or even cause it to spread while you are attempting to remove it. Second, red mold is often accompanied by other kinds of mold and can signify a larger problem. Lastly, DIY methods cannot fully detect the extent of mold contamination like our special equipment can which can test air quality and the presence of microorganisms.

We have all read and heard a great deal about black mold and green mold and many people wrongly assume that these are the only kinds of mold that can be harmful. We hope that this post has dispelled that notion. Any kind of mold can be harmful particularly to those who have weakened immune systems and/or allergies. That is why it is important to take action after your home or business has undergone water damage in Thousand Oaks. Our water damage restoration team can quickly detect all kinds of mold and remove it from your dwelling or place of business ensuring the health and safety of your family and your employees.

5 Hidden Places Mold Grows

One of the many reasons it makes more sense to hire professionals to find and remove mold from your home as opposed to doing it yourself is that mold tends to hide in unexpected places. When we conduct a mold inspection for the purpose of mold remediation, we use special equipment that can detect the presence of mold spores in the air. Additionally, we are familiar with all the places mold can hide from easy detection. Here are just a few of the hidden places mold can elude detection by non-professionals.

  • Air conditioning equipment interiors and in HVAC duct work: Because moisture is present inside air conditioners and other HVAC duct work, mold is likely to form at some point. This is especially true when owners neglect to have their units cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. These locations are particularly problematic because air then introduces mold particles into the air where it is inhaled.
  • Window sills: Window sills go past most people’s radar but mold can easily form here. This is because the dirt that can deposit itself here feeds mold. That plus moisture can create an ideal breeding grown for mold.
  • Wallpaper: We said mold detection can be elusive. Mold can and often does hide behind wallpaper and unless you happen to be removing it you may never know that it’s there. If you do suspect that mold may be hiding behind the wallpaper in your home, then you should contact a professional right away. Removing it can release the mold into the air.mold
  • Up in the attic: How many of us spend a great deal of time in the attic? Not many. In fact, many of us have probably forgotten what is even in our attic. Well, one thing that could be up there is mold. Poor insulation, roof leaks, etc., can create an ideal place for mold to spread.
  • On (or in) toys: Toys can get very dirty as children often put them in their mouths where they can accumulate bacteria, moisture, etc. This makes hard latex toys in particular ripe for mold growth. Be sure to machine wash your children’s toys on a regular basis.

There are many other places that mold can hide from easy detection. We know them all. We are never surprised to discover where mold can be hiding. We will use our experience and technology to inspect your home for mold and remove it once and for all.

Reasons You Should Not Remove Mold by Yourself

There are a lot of sites on the Internet that offer tips on DIY mold removal and remediation. To hear the people on these sites put it, mold removal just takes a small amount of time, some bleach and a brush and presto! – no more mold. Well, these sites are doing the public a disservice. Mold removal and remediation is a job best left to the professionals. It is a tricky and dangerous job that not everyone is suited for. For this reason the state of New York, for example, requires a person be licensed in order to assess and remediate mold. In the interest of public safety, here is why mold remediation and removal should be left to the professionals.

  • The public is ill-equipped to detect and remove mold: The general public does not have access to the special equipment it takes to detect and remove mold. This equipment is so specialized that it can even detect mold in places that are not easily detected by the human eye. These special filtration and detection devices help to ensure that removal of mold is permanent and complete.
  • Risk of black mold exposure: It is easy to be exposed to black mold during the removal process if one does not know what one is doing. The last thing you should want is for your family to be exposed to even greater danger simply because you do not know how to remove mold correctly or thoroughly. Moreover, the general public lacks the tools and resources needed to ensure that they are safe during the process.
  • Missing hidden mold in the home: You can never be sure where mold may be hiding in your home especially if your household has recently recovered from a flood or fire event. Therefore, it takes special training and equipment to detect mold in hidden places around the home. In these places, mold can still pose a health risk to you and your family.
  • You could make the situation worse: If not done correctly, DIY mold removers can actually spread mold to other areas of the home making the problem much worse.mold
  • Mold removal can be a massive undertaking: Removing mold completely can be a huge time commitment. It may take more than a few minutes as many sites would have the public believe. We are experts in mold cleanup in Thousand Oaks who can efficiently remove mold and make sure that it does not return. No job is too big for us.

In short, make sure you know all the facts as you decide whether or not to do a DIY mold remediation project. You will see that it is not such a wise decision after all. It may save some money but it may cost your family its health and security in the long run.

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