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Tips for Surviving a Mudslide

It is amazing to think of how delicately balanced the forces of nature are. For example, experts believe that the deadly mudslides that occurred back in January of this year were partially facilitated by the wildfires that were raging in our state at that time. These fires devastated steep slopes, caused de-vegetation and de-stabilization to occur. This erased any barrier that would have kept damaging water at bay. Of course mudslides can be just as devastating as fire or water and it is for this reason that we offer the following advice for surviving mudslides.

  • Pay attention to rain reports if you’re in an area with damaged soil: As we said, forest fires can damage the integrity of the soil surrounding them. Stay alert to rain forecasts if you live in an area where the soil is damaged. This weakening of the soil around you could lead to a mudslide.
  • Follow your family’s emergency plan: If you do hear of landslides in the area or conditions that may lead to them, stay calm, gather your family together and implement each step to your emergency evacuation plan (if you have one).
  • Run sideways away from landslides. Did you know that landslides can travel up to 35mph? This means that you will probably not be able to outrun one if you are outside. Instead, run sideways if you are away from shelter.
  • Watch for cracks in the soil: Cracks in the soil could mean that dirt and debris are starting to slide and that a landslide is imminent. Remember that mudslides can quickly pick up speed as they travel further.
  • Go to high ground in your home: If it is too late to evacuate and you are at home during a mudslide, seek safety upstairs or on the roof.
  • Boil any tap water in your home: Since mudslides often lead to broken water lines, be sure to boil water once it has been deemed safe to return to your home. Remember that mudslides can necessitate water removal from your home as well.

Yes, it is odd to see how natural forces intertwine and even seem to conspire against us. As we have shown, fire can lead to flooding or mudslides. Mudslides can also lead to conditions that foster the growth of mold. Our company does mold removal and remediation as well as fire damage house repair can remove smoke damage to your home.

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