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An Update on the California Wildfires

When it comes to the fires that have ravaged our state during the past year there is good and bad news. The good news is that most of the major fires have been contained as of this writing. The bad news is that the fire season is not over yet. Over the former, we breathe a sigh of relief. Over the latter, we recoil to think of what we have yet to overcome. However, as Californians we will overcome and preserve and move forward. Below is an update on some of the fires that have wreaked havoc on The Golden State.

  • Mendocino Complex Fire: The Mendocino Complex Fire is composed of two fires – the River Fire and the Ranch Fire. The River Fire has been contained at more than 50k acres and is no longer spreading. The Ranch fire is 93% contained. The two fires combined have destroyed 459,102 acres. The causes of both fires are still under investigation.
  • The Carr Fire: Believed to have been caused by a malfunctioning recreational trailer off Highway 299 in Shasta County, the Carr Fire is 100% contained. The fire, when it still raged, was fueled by drought-stricken trees, bone-dry grass and triple-digit heat. The death toll from this fire is eight including a 70-year-old woman.
  • The Ferguson Fire: This fire, whose origins are unknown, has claimed the lives of two fire fighters and is now 100% contained. It shut down picturesque Yosemite Valley for three weeks as heavy smoke and flames displaced bears, foxes and other animals.
  • Delta Fire: One of the more recent fires to start (September 5) the Delta Fire has burned 60,018 acres and is currently 64% contained.
  • The Hirz Fire: This fire is now 89% contained. Fighting it is difficult because of the mountainous terrain surrounding the fire. This has meant that firefighters have had to wait until the fire approached them to fight the flames. california fires

Fire affects our lives in countless way. It affects those of us who love nature. It affects those of us who are concerned with the human and animal loss of life. It concerns homeowners who have had to evacuate their residences only to return to houses that are either burned to the ground or that have suffered from the water damage that can come in the wake of fire. If the latter scenario sounds familiar to you, we can handle flood damage restoration in Thousand Oaks. We also do mold remediation as mold is often the result of high moisture levels.

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